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Important CSI Compliance Alert


Dear Valued Client,

As your trusted partner, Creative Services, Inc. (CSI) is committed to providing you with the most advanced practices to help you hire with confidence, mitigate risk, improve workplace safety and achieve regulatory compliance. With this in mind, for 40 years CSI has continually sought to provide the highest quality and accuracy with regards to the information we provide.  Our success becomes the success of you, our end-user client.  On July 12th of this year, the European Union formally adopted the E.U. - U.S. Privacy Shield which will help to facilitate more international trade while providing strong privacy protections.  CSI is proud to announce that we are among the first wave of international background screeners to have submitted our self-certification to the U.S. Department of Commerce attesting to the fact that we comply with the principles of the E.U. - U.S. Privacy Shield. We have spent countless hours with our team of experts over the last 6 months evaluating our international partners and the strategic global alliances we have developed through our work with the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS).  NAPBS now has 120 international members from all regions of the world which make up 15% of membership.  CSI has continued in our age-old methodology of engaging with those regional experts who provide the best service and quality.

As a result of our recent efforts, we are making ongoing modifications to our international screening.  As this global market continues to expand, we have been able to add more than 300 searches to our existing international background screening. In addition to this, we have identified the top 10 countries most commonly searched through international background screening.  In 8 of these countries, we are able to reduce cost while increasing quality and timeliness:  India, United Kingdom (including Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), Australia, China, Mexico, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and Spain.  Two countries, Denmark and Germany, will incur a price increase where we have identified enhanced processes through direct governing authorities that will result in a report that is comprehensive and timely. Please refer to the attached International Pricing Guide for a comprehensive breakdown of the searches and services available in all regions of the world. This new pricing grid will go into effect immediately.

We would also like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Robert Fitzgerald who serves as a Criminal Investigator and International Specialist for CSI.  Through the expansion of our criminal research team, Rob has assumed responsibility for our global vendor relationships as well as understanding the international information marketplace.  The changes that we are making to our international screening processes will require changes with many of the forms you are currently using.  We will work with you to provide you the tools you need by way of CSI's library of forms to fulfill your obligations around the world.

Thank you for your continued partnership.  Together we make a difference when it comes to hiring the most suitable candidates.
International Team

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