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CSI’s Annual Client Notification

Creative Services, Inc. (CSI) is committed to ensuring its operations, and those of its clients, are in compliance with all applicable state, federal and international laws pertaining to employment, privacy and the Fair Credit Reporting act (FCRA).  Please review this Annual Notification and the documents referenced herein for important information regarding your obligations under the FCRA as well as CSI’s Privacy Policy.

Client Obligations

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) document Notice To Users Of Consumer Reports: Obligations Of Users Under The FCRA identifies your responsibilities relating to:

• Permissible Purpose
• User Certification
• Disclosure and Authorization
• Protection and Disposal of Sensitive Information
• Adverse Action
• Liability for Violations

The complete text of this document can be found on CSI’s website at: https://www.creativeservices.com/documents/Notice_to_Users_of_Consumer_Reports.pdf, or on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau website at: http://files.consumerfinance.gov/f/201211_cfpb_correcting-amendments-to-regulation-v.pdf.

In addition, CSI recommends its clients consult legal counsel regarding their specific legal responsibilities as well as compliance with background screening and drug testing policies and procedures.

CSI Privacy Policy

CSI considers privacy and information security among its highest priorities and has established physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect sensitive information in compliance with state, federal and Safe Harbor/European Union laws regarding background screening and privacy.  The complete text of CSI’s Privacy Policy may be viewed on CSI’s website at http://www.creativeservices.com/resource-center/privacy-policy, or obtained in writing by request to Creative Services, Inc., 64 Pratt Street, Mansfield, MA 02048, (800) 536-0093/ (508) 339-5451.

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