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Pennsylvania Statewide Updates: Reduced Turnaround Time / Statewide Fee Increase

In late July, the Pennsylvania State Police made several improvements to their existing statewide criminal search. One of the enhancements includes returning criminal history results via email instead of U.S. Mail. As a result, CSI is now able to view and print records as soon as they are completed, significantly reducing turnaround time for these results. 

Another enhancement includes the “Request Under Review” turnaround time. Previously, a “Request Under Review” with the Pennsylvania State Police could take up to 4 to 6 weeks to be returned. While a request was under review at the Pennsylvania State Police, CSI would conduct county level searches in the appropriate jurisdictions in the interim, until the statewide results were returned. The “Request Under Review” turnaround time has been significantly reduced to 1 to 2 weeks. As a result, CSI will no longer conduct county level searches parallel to “Request Under Review.

Please be advised that effective December 1, 2017, the State of Pennsylvania has increased its fee for a statewide criminal record search from $8.00 to $22.00. This fee is only associated with statewide searches conducted through Pennsylvania Access to Criminal History (PATCH). County-level searches are not affected by this increase. CSI will pass through this new fee effective December 1, 2017.

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