Reduce Risk of Immigration Violations with CSI’s New Audit Compliance Service - A News Article from Creative Services, Inc. - Mansfield, MA

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Reduce Risk of Immigration Violations with CSI’s New Audit Compliance Service

Creative Services Inc., an international leader in enhancing workplace safety and security with high quality pre-employment screenings, background investigations, and security consulting, is helping businesses reduce their risk of liability from I-9 non-compliance with a new Audit Compliance Service.

CSI protects your company against damaging penalties by evaluating and improving your existing I-9 employment eligibility verification program. First, CSI reviews your I-9 process, identifies potential areas of vulnerability, and recommends standardization of practices and procedures. In addition, CSI uses cutting edge technology to validate the authenticity of employee identification documents. Finally, we help your company avoid future problems by training your staff in I-9 compliance.

The need for Audit Compliance Services is clear. Since January 2009, the investigative arm of the Department of Homeland Security, the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), has audited more than 3200 employers; criminally prosecuted 284 employers, debarred 225 businesses and imposed approximately $50 million in financial sanctions. ICE’s surging emphasis on enforcement sends a strong message to employers about the importance of maintaining accurate employment eligibility verification records.

Don’t let inadequate oversight of your employees’ I-9 documentation put your company at risk for steep fines or damaging publicity. Contact Heidi Raffanello, Director of Government Services, at 508.339.5451, ex.248, or to learn how CSI’s new Audit Compliance Service can secure your workforce and your reputation.

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