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Security Consultancies Announce Strategic Alliance

Creative Services, Inc. (CSI) and BitSec Forensics, Inc. today announced that they have formed a strategic partnership that will effectuate a combined expansion of service offerings to include: comprehensive background screening and screening support services, employee education and awareness programs, security consulting and investigation, vulnerability assessment and risk management, computer forensics, electronic discovery, cyber investigations, network security and incident response.

Creative Services is a national background screening and security-consulting firm headquartered in Mansfield, Massachusetts, with a dedicated Nuclear Screening Operations Center in Chapin, South Carolina. For over 30 years, CSI has provided a broad array of services to a wide range of clients, from growing firms to multinational Fortune 500 companies, non-profit corporations and government agencies. CSI’s expert and diversified management team and staff embrace a proactive and investigative orientation, while incorporating the best informational resources, monitoring compliance with changing federal and state laws, and providing responsive customer service.

BitSec Forensics is a computer forensics and information security consultancy with offices in Maine, California, and now Massachusetts in conjunction with Creative Services. BitSec offers training and global on-site expertise in computer forensics, information security, electronic discovery, and cyber incident response. BitSec draws its expertise from a team of professionals who, prior to joining BitSec, served as computer forensic and information security experts for the United States National Security Agency, the Department of State and the Department of Defense, as well as local and state law enforcement personnel and industry leaders in the field of computer forensics.

According to Alan Sklar, President of Creative Services, “CSI’s emphasis on prevention has traditionally concentrated on physical and personnel-related security issues, and we have a long history of cultivating affiliations with leading forensic experts in such fields as Drug & Alcohol Testing, Fingerprinting and Psychological Assessment. Aligning ourselves with the highly qualified computer forensic experts at BitSec allows us to broaden our global position and offer our clients increasingly vital services related to data protection and computer-related crime. It also enhances CSI’s own information security posture, which has always been an integral component of our service.”

Michael Webber, President of BitSec Forensics comments, “Typically, we are contacted following a cyber incident of some kind or the threat of litigation that requires the identification, preservation, and production of electronic evidence. Regrettably, most often those incidents originate from inside the company. In addition to providing the expertise required to mitigate the matter at hand, we can now help our clients reduce the likelihood of future incidents thanks to Creative’s comprehensive background screening and security consulting services.”

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