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Wisconsin Adopts Password Protection Law

Wisconsin has become the thirteenth state to enact a law limiting the circumstances under which employers may request or require access to the personal internet accounts of applicants and employees.  The 2013 Wisconsin Act 208, which amends the Wisconsin Fair Employment Act and will be enforced by the Department of Workforce Development, prohibits employers from “requesting or requiring” employees and applicants to provide “access information” for their “personal Internet account” or “to otherwise grant access to or allow observation of that account.”  Because the meaning and impact of the law’s requirements and exceptions will evolve over time, employers should approach access issues with care and on a case-by-case basis. 

Authors: Jonathan Levine and Adam Tuzzo of the law firm Littler.

This alert was originally posted by Littler. To read the complete alert, please visit http://www.littler.com/publication-press/publication/wisconsin-adopts-password-protection-law.

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