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Statewide Release Forms

If you have resided in the State of Massachusetts or the State of New Hampshire in the past 7 years you are required to complete the State release forms below.

  • The Massachusetts Release Form (ICORI) requires an authorized staff member from the hiring company to witness your signature.  If you are unable to obtain an authorized witness signature on the iCORI release, you are required to execute this document in front of a notary public.  When completing the form please ensure you add the name of the company you are applying.  When you have completed the Massachusetts release form you can provide it to your recruiter or fax the document directly to Creative Services, Inc. at (508) 339-7461.
  • The prepaid New Hampshire Criminal Record Authorization Release Form must be completed and executed in front of a notary public.  When you have completed the New Hampshire State release form, you must provide the original document to an authorized member of the hiring company or mail the original document directly to:

                    New Hampshire Department of Safety

                    Division of State Police

                    Central Repository for Criminal Records

                    33 Hazen Drive

                    Concord, NH 03305


Other Forms

The Request for Transcript of Tax Return (IRS Form 4506-T) must be completed to obtain information regarding your Record of Account with the Internal Revenue Service. The information provided regarding your personal returns will reflect the current Tax Year and 3 prior processing years.