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Corporate Screening

CSI is a full solutions background screening provider, offering pre-hire, hire and post-hire services.  Our use of cutting-edge background screening and candidate selection tools, coupled with our rigorous applicant validation processes, provide our corporate clients with peace of mind at each step in the hiring process.

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Monitoring Programs

Adjudication Services

CSI’s Adjudication Services provides “Pass” or “Fail” hiring decisions.  The CSI solution for adjudication offers adaptability and automation, while ensuring the highest level of security.  Based on client hiring criteria, CSI will review, adjudicate and return truncated reports to include “Pass” or “Fail” or extended grading utilizing:

GREEN - meets hiring criteria
YELLOW - corporate review required
RED - does not meet hiring criteria


Annual/Periodic Reinvestigations

Initial investigations for new employees are just the foundation of an effective background screening program.  As part of a fully developed security program, CSI also offers companies annual investigations for existing employees. CSI’s screening expertise allows us to customize our clients’ annual background investigation programs based on legal requirements or industry best practices.  Common annual investigation programs:

  • Motor Vehicle Driving Record searches, which may be required by the Department of Transportation
  • Fraud and Abuse Control Information System (FACIS) search, which is recommended for medical and pharmaceutical companies

In addition, CSI works with clients to define their periodic investigation needs.  These programs may be administered on a scheduled or ad hoc basis.  These programs include random drug testing (as allowable by law) or criminal history searches as part of a regulatory or contractual requirement.  


Extended Workforce Screening

Extended workforces pose equal security, legal and public relations risks to employers and organizations as company-hired, full-time employees do.  CSI’s Extended Workforce Screening solution helps to reduce the risks associated with physical, operational or logistical access to facilities, databases, records, IT, personal information, inventory, finances, employees, customers, and/or vulnerable population.   CSI’s Extended Workforce Screening covers:

  • Consultants
  • Contractors
  • Vendors
  • Temporary Hires
  • Volunteers


Security Consulting

CSI’s success as a background screening vendor resulted from its origin as an investigative and security consulting firm, and its understanding of the correlation between security problems and deficiencies in the employee selection process. 

Recognizing that background screening is just one component of an effective human resource and security program, CSI continues to offer screening support and security consulting services targeted at complementing its screening services and promoting its clients’ safe and secure workplace environments.

Learn more about CSI’s Security Consulting.