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Corporate Screening

CSI is a full solutions background screening provider, offering pre-hire, hire and post-hire services.  Our use of cutting-edge background screening and candidate selection tools, coupled with our rigorous applicant validation processes, provide our corporate clients with peace of mind at each step in the hiring process.

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Recruiting Solutions

Applicant Tracking System

CSI's integrated applicant tracking system (ATS) increases efficiency in recruiting by allowing quick collection and review of applications and seamless background check ordering on selected candidates.  This application is integrated into CSI's software and allows for electronic applications and e-Authorizations as well as tracking communications with applicants throughout the recruiting process.   


Behavioral Interviewing

Learn what criminal justice experts have known for years about how to recognize deception and extract the truthful information you want through vetted techniques and proven practices.    

CSI’s Behavioral Interviewing Techniques training has received excellent reviews from both corporate clients and industry professionals.  This workshop, led by human resources and legal experts, teaches interviewers pragmatic tools to uncover how a potential employee will behave on the job and to identify any poor performance red flags that indicate a risky hiring decision.  This workshop is targeted to professionals who are looking to optimize the limited time spent with interviewees.


"Mr. Nichols’ extensive knowledge and background provided me with fascinating new insight into the interview process.  His recommendations can educate even the most seasoned HR professional in critical interviewing techniques, including the interpretation of body language, critical verbal cues, the impact of the physical interview setting, recognizing evasive answers and possible deception.  A fascinating topic from a very enjoyable speaker."                                                                                                         

-Richard Whitaker, Corporate Human Resources Manager  Trimark USA

This training educates interviewers on:

  • What an applicant is saying through body language and non-verbal signals
  • What questions to ask to determine an applicant’s ability to demonstrate competencies to do a particular job
  • How to identify deceptive or untruthful responses during an interview
  • When and how to press deeper into an applicant’s response to your questions


Assessment Testing

CSI recognizes the value of assessment testing in the employee pre-hire process. CSI employs HR experts and engages HR consulting partners to offer clients effective assessment testing for their industry and job positions including knowledge, skills, abilities, personality and workplace behavior assessments.